Why Do Older People Tend To Loss Teeth?

As people are growing it is quite common to lose teeth, this can affect the quality of life of people greatly and it is precisely for this reason that many people turn to dental implants Tijuana, this problem is known as edentulism and is a disorder that not only involves the aesthetic issue, but can also cause problems when you want to close your mouth, or even when chewing there can be certain types of problems. 

Although lately this problem has been presented to a lesser extent, it still occurs in certain people around the world. A person’s teeth may fall out due to different reasons, among them is a congenital cause or can also be acquired and can occur in people of both sexes, although really edentulism usually occurs when there are bad health conditions, which includes poor oral hygiene, cavities, periodontal diseases and accidents or trauma. 

Many people wonder what is the best way by which they can prevent their teeth from falling out and the truth is that the best way is to have good oral hygiene, this means brushing your teeth three times a day, one after each meal and focus on brushing before bed, as this is the most important of all, as it is when more time will be spent without brushing and is when the food is accumulated in the teeth. Something that not everyone does is to use dental floss and mouthwash, being that these are extremely important to maintain good dental hygiene, in addition to visiting the dentist at least once a year, this way we avoid major problems of any kind. 

The main indicator that a tooth is going to fall is that the tooth can move easily, this means that there is a loss of bone that holds the tooth, so this is the first signal we get when a tooth is about to fall, and we do not have to ignore. When a tooth falls out leaves a gap that causes the other teeth to move as well and thus begin to “plug in”, this is a fairly serious problem as it leaves the teeth in a fairly vulnerable situation. All these types of changes can also cause alterations in speech and when chewing food, as well as in the articulation of the jaw. In terms of aesthetics, it can also cause the face to age more easily, that there is a greater prominence of the lower jaw over the upper jaw, among many other problems that can end up affecting the self-esteem of the affected person.

A study published in the March issue of the American Journal of the American Heart Association reports that tooth loss and gum disease may be linked to an increased risk of death in postmenopausal women. In fact, the history of periodontal disease was associated with up to a 12% increased risk of death from any cause and the loss of all teeth with a 17% increased risk of death. For this reason it is very important that people take care of their teeth and above all that they take care of themselves when they suffer any type of problem with their teeth.