Differences Between Senior Homes And Retirement Homes

Aging is a process that can be very complicated for the person at this stage and the whole family. Many times family members do not have the time to care for the elderly or know the necessary care that must be implemented to give people a more dignified life. That is why many people choose better to leave the elderly in places that have senior care México.

These places are characterized by providing the elderly with a complete service where the person can stay within the facilities, may have the care of doctors, and there will be care 24 hours. While there may be many benefits to these types of places, today, many try to avoid placing the elderly in nursing homes or homes because they are believed to be mistreating the elderly. Understandably, this belief exists, which may be accurate, but we cannot judge in general. It is necessary to investigate these places to have a better idea of how they are treated and to know the differences that exist between nursing homes and retirement homes.

Senior homes

  • Family members who leave their seniors in nursing homes should keep in mind that they will only be able to see them a few times a week, with a relatively restricted schedule. So it can be complicated to live with the elderly because of the policies that have these establishments.
  • Although people in nursing homes have food service, there is no nutritional or medical control over the food offered to them. This can be a severe problem as many older people suffer from various diseases where they can not consume certain products. As it is a generic food, it is not convenient for the health of the adult.
  • The people who work in care homes are only meant to administer the prescribed medication to the elderly and to help them perform everyday activities, but that’s all.
  • A senior home usually doesn’t have any educational programs, so there is not really any concern about the physical and emotional limitations of the adult.
  • Staff turnover is typical within nursing homes because many of these people only come to help for a certain amount of time so that the elderly can maintain emotional stability.

Retreat House

  • Family members can come to the house on the day they want, and at the time they want. There are no limitations or time restrictions. This is of great help to the older adult because he will not feel alone.
  • In a retirement home, there is greater control in the food as there may be a chef who is responsible for making the dishes of each of the older adults. This is of great help since this way; they will be served the food that is apt according to the illness that they suffer. Similarly, there is greater control over portions at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • The staff working within these sites are trained and specialized in elder care. They are in charge of the complete responsibility of the elderly, so they help them not only in their daily activities but also in other activities. One of their main characteristics is that they have medical attention.
  • They have programs that promote coexistence and human relationships, as well as specific activities that will allow older adults to improve their physical, emotional, and mental condition.

The family will make the final decision, but it is essential to keep these points in mind.