The Key To Helping Children Not Fearing the Dentist

Something that happens very often and in fact is quite common and known is the fear of visiting the dentist of young children, if you have children, nephews or younger siblings and you know that they need a visit to the dentist, whether by checkup, some kind of dental problem or any other reason, but you know that taking them will be the most difficult thing in the world, because you will have to hear cries and complaints and probably when they are there, they are not even in the disposition to be treated, so it will be very difficult for the dentist who is going to treat him to do his job well. 

A fairly common problem in young children is usually the appearance of cavities, in fact according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO) between 60% and 90% of children suffer from cavities, which is not very surprising, because children tend to consume many candies, which most often get stuck in their teeth and cause cavities, these if not attended in time, can cause more serious and painful problems and can even cause tooth loss. Something that is quite surprising is that according to the same data, 100% of adults have cavities, this may be because no matter how much care and extreme caution is taken with teeth, as these are permanent, there is going to be something that we can not do for them and the cavities will attack, contrary to what is usually thought, cavities are more recurrent in adults than in children. 

However, as an adult, you already have a little more awareness about the importance of going to the dentist and that is why although there is still some reluctance, most occasions are not out of fear, but because we know that this visit or treatment if necessary will include a cost that can be high. For children it is very different, they are afraid to go to the dentist and we do not know how this originates, however, there are ways in which we can help them to not be so afraid to visit the dentist and not get so nervous.  

One of the first things we have to do, is before taking them to the dentist have a talk with them, in which we talk about why it is necessary to visit the dentist, also talk a little about what this visit is, what can happen and especially make it clear that there is no reason why they should be frightened, the visit to the dentist will help relieve the discomfort and pain they feel and prevent these become something more serious that may hurt later. 

That’s the key to everything, talking to them. When we look for dental braces Tijuana, we can also choose to look for options for children’s dentists, who have a more specialized treatment with the little ones and help them not to feel so scared when they get their visit to the dentist and also be prepared.